A Plus | Residential Design
The idea of this project was to create a glamorous space consistent with the clients’ high-end lifestyle while still keeping the warmth intact. The design caters a unique experience through fully customized furniture and soft furnishings.
Interior Design | Professional Project

6 months

VDGA Studio, Pune, India

Mr. Haresh Solanki

Deepak Guggari, Viplav Paithankar, and Me

My Role
Design exploration, Working drawings, Material selection, Client meetings and presentations, Contractor meetings

Inside Outside Magazine, Jan 2013

Design Concept

The major goal was to remodel the existing frame to better utilize the spaces within. The 40ft x 22ft living room with less than 9ft height presented the biggest challenge of masking the disproportionate dimensions. Our solution was to create "soft walls" in the form of furniture units with large cutouts that provide the required separation, while creating a lack of visual obstacles, and thus a sense of free flow.

Unique Features

The house also features smart technology: all electronics can be operated by mobile devices, and a single click allows the clients to completely alter the experience as per the mood, be it the mood for party or the need for a tranquil space.