Central Park Conservancy
In this project, we were approached by the Central Park Conservancy (CPC), who tasked us with enhancing users' experience on their website, specially on the events page. Improving the web presence of CPC is essential to spreading awareness of their mission, and making sure people can utilize their extremely helpful resources.
Interaction Design | Academic Project

7 weeks

Central Park Conservancy

Amy Ashida, Ashley Jang, Janel Wong, and Me

My Role
User research, User interface design, Presentation (equal participation at all stages)


The high-level goal of this project was to improve

  • how the content is used in the website,
  • how people perceive the mission of CPC,
  • how people plan their events at the park, and
  • how events can be incorporated in to the broader site.


We began with identifying a number of issues with their current homepage (e.g., lack of ease in finding the search bar or the events page, and confusing use of repetitive information), as well as with their current events page (e.g., confusing color coding, overlapping elements, inflexibility of calendar adjustment).

Next, we conducted user interviews to identify their journey of interacting with the website and their needs. We identified pain-points, patterns, and user expectations, and used them to propose a completely revamped, user-centric, and easy-to-use user interface design.


Group debriefing.

Research synthesis.

Wireframe options.


Final UI

Landing page of the park calendar.

Personalized search.

Search results page.

Segregated search.