Game Design
The project brief was to take the studio project from that semester (mine was airport design), and illustrate the important aspects learned from the project in the form of an interactive and creative board game.
Interior Design | Academic Project

3 weeks


My Role
Idea generation and detailing, Play testing and iterative refinement, Graphic design


I chose to design a strategy-based game that would help young children (age group: 7-12 years, players: 2-4) get acquainted with the positi ve and negati ve experiences that could happen during the navigati on at an airport. This in turn implied that

  • The graphics and the rules of the game should be easy to understand for the young age group.

  • The game should be motivational, and no player should experience a long streak of negative experiences.


Interestingly, designing this game and play testing allowed me to peek into users' mindset, and taught me various crucial considerations in airport design.

Significance of signage
A simple misdirection can cause a significant delay; hence, signage should be efficient to help navigate the space effectively.

Importance of bottlenecks
Delays during bottlenecks can cause frustration; hence, the design should optimize bottlenecks.

Mood balancing
Rushing through checkpoints can be tiring; hence, the design should introduce pauses and relaxations.