VDGA Office | Commercial Design
In this award-winning project, we, the VDGA architects, adaptively reused an existing apartment for designing an office for ourselves. The best part of the project was being free from the shackles of a 'brief' from the client, which gave us immense freedom for design explorations. Inspired from the tropical modernism of Geoffrey Bawa's architecture, our idea was to create an earthy yet not rustic aesthetic that is grounded in the heritage, through the use of water bodies, greenery, and pergolas.
Interior Design | Professional Project

6 months

VDGA Studio, Pune, India

Deepak Guggari and Me

My Role
Design exploration, Drawings, Site visits and presentations, Contractor meetings

A+D Innovative Interior Design Award
IIID Award for Innovative Use of Traditional Art & Craft

Design Concept

We wanted a space where all the employees can work as a family. An open floor plan was thus conceptualized where ideas are not confined within cubicles or walled premises. This was a major challenge and required significant structural changes given that the space was architecturally an apartment.

Unique Features

The space offers a relaxed environment and provides inspiration for working. Despite the small scale, it includes natural surrounding with a garden space, a library, and even a reserved space for a quick, creativity-boosting nap.